Welcome to
Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)!

Thank you for visiting our web site.  We are all about transforming Arthur Magezi, CTMwhole communities “from the inside out”.  We firmly believe, as the Bible declares, that as people “seek first the Kingdom of God, all these things will be added to you”.  CTM is establishing Christ Transformation Centers (CTC) across Africa, starting in Uganda. Since October of 2015, 103  CTCs have been established throughout the back country of Uganda!

We are “Transforming Uganda”

For the last two years, CTM, along with ETeamGlobal and other ministries, has been engaged in a three year project to transform the back country villages of Uganda for Jesus Christ.  We have completed TU in 2015, and our latest mission TU II in 2016.  CTCs now number 103 across the back country of Uganda, and thousands are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus!  Not only that, but through our “holistic” approach we are meeting the needs of villagers physically, and economically.

Through partnerships with AWaytoHelp, eTeamGlobal, and others, CTM is providing fresh water wells in many of the villages. Whereas villagers had to walk 2-3 hours to gather water that was contaminated, and was causing sickness, more and more villages are being supplied with fresh water through CTM’s efforts.

Learn more about Transform Uganda I and II, and next year’s Transform Uganda III:  https://ctmafrica.org/transform-uganda-program/. Lives are being transformed, families are being saved, and entire communities are being given new life!

Meet Arthur Magezi, Founder of CTM

I am Arthur Magezi, the founder of Christ Transformation Ministries and an ordained minister of Our Lord Jesus Christ since August 10, 1986. I enjoy life here in Uganda with my lovely wife Esther and four wonderful children. It is my heart’s desire that my children grow up in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior and that our community becomes a stronghold of God’s truth. To that end, I devote my service to the Lord and this ministry.

Central Uganda Can Be a Challenging Place to Live

This area of central Uganda is a challenging place to live. When you read God’s Word (The Bible) you will find many accounts of people who have been attacked by evil spirits and possessed by demons. Demons are real, and their mission is to seek out and destroy the people of God’s creation.  Including the family unit, which is so crucial to a stable and growing society.

God established the family as the corner stone of civilization and, as a result, it is a favorite target of the devil. CTM is also providing counselling on Christian marriage and conducting marriage seminars in the village centers, in order to strengthen the families in these villages.

Catch Our Vision and Partner With Us!

We are looking for strong Christian partners; prayer partners, Buyumba_church_8-6-15
support partners and people who want to engage the enemy with us on Christ’s battlefield here in Uganda and Africa at large. We invite you to explore our pages, pray for God to do mighty things and supply all our needs to reach the people here, who are hungry for the truth of God’s word and the salvation that is only found through faith and belief in our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

May God bless you abundantly as He provides the means to support our much needed work here!

Your Brother in Christ,

Rev. Arthur Magezi

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