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Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)!

Thank you for visiting CTM Africa.  We are a non-profit Christian organization focused on transforming jungle village communities in Uganda “from the inside out” – first with the good news of Jesus


Christ to transform the heart, but also helping to meet other basic human needs – for clean water, improved shelters, clothing, and training for community development. We firmly believe, as the Bible declares, that as people “seek first the Kingdom of God, all these things will be added to you”.  >> Learn more

Christ Transformation Centers in Uganda

As of the start of April 2018, CTM has established through its missions over 150 Christ Transformation Centers in villages across the back country jungle of Uganda (click on image to enlarge and view some of these village church locations):

Map Church plants Uganda

The purpose of each Christ Transformation Center in each village is:

  • For village Christians to have a place of refuge and help when they are attacked by demons, instead of running to the witch doctors.
  • To unite all Christians for a common Kingdom goal. The Kingdom of God has no divisions or denominations and this should be communicated in every way. There is one Lord over all, and one body – His Church.
  • To clearly define the ownership of the vision, mission and facility.  As the people work on and in the center, their input will become a store for their passion for Christ. Other community members will see that the facility is for the Glory of God,  and will appreciate the Christian influence when the facility is  used to host training in spiritual matters, agriculture, health, etc., to benefit all the people.
  • To ensure sustainability. The people, who will see the structures go up with their sweat, will gain confidence to the fact that they are actually able to maintain it. The same people will not allow anyone to spoil the facility or misuse it.
  • To challenge the people to develop visions and missions that are big enough for God to be trusted. The facility, which should be abnormally big in relation to what people are used to, will become a testimony when it gets completed. The community will also see that Christians serve a God who is able to do great things.

Thanks to All for an Awesome “Taste and See” Event on June 2nd!

We are delighted to report that 60-70 people attended our June 2nd 2018 fund raiser! As far as the success of the fund raiser, we are happy to report that the fund raiser exceeded our expectations!

We were able to raise a significant amount of one-time donations, and also increase the number of monthly financial supporters.  Thanks to those who participated and so generously gave, we will now be able to do much of what is on our road-map for the next few months ..

  • Supplying scooters to pastors (we currently need 30), so they can get to our quarterly regional training events and also more effectively support their village)
  • Train some of the regional leaders in in-depth evangelism and discipleship, so they can minister to the pastors
  • Progress our water wells ministry
  • Provide for some of the funding for the TU4 outreach this year
  • Enable us to plan and hold the next regional training event, to equip regional leaders to develop the village pastors in their ministry

For more photos of the event, check out our gallery at the right!

Get Ready for Transform Uganda IV!

Preparation is underway for the next phase of TU this Summer. The focus will be to strengthen the 28 church plants and train the leaders. The primary ministry will be to continue the training

and development of the church plant pastors and women/children’s ministry leaders. In addition, as the Lord provides team members and resources we will be conducting the following ministries to the villages:

  • Jesus Film showings each night in the villages, leading people to Christ
  • Evangelism  to groups of men, women and youth in the villages, sharing the good news about Jesus
  • Training of pastors and church leaders will be provided, for those of you equipped to teach
  • Day medical clinics will be made availale as we visit each of the villages, so we need doctors and nurses!

CTM, working with eTeamGlobal, is already taking signups for volunteers who wish to take part in TU IV.  Volunteers from Calvary Chapel Phoenix, churches in Oregon, and in Southern California are participating. >> Learn more about being a part of Transform Uganda IV!

Meet Arthur Magezi, Founder of CTM

CTM is composed of a non-profit, U.S. based support organization, working with a Uganda-based CTM team to implement our initiatives. >> Learn more

Catch Our Vision and Partner With Us!

Through partnerships with AWaytoHelp, eTeamGlobal, COCIN, NLFA, as well as individuals just like you, CTM is transforming the lives of hundreds of men, women and children in the back country villages throughout Uganda.  We looking for strong Christian partners:  prayer partners, support partners and people who want to engage the enemy with us on Christ’s battlefield here in Uganda and Africa at large.

Please contact us if you would like get involved by participating in an upcoming mission.  If you would like to support CTM through a tax-deductible financial donation, please visit  >> Get involved.  May God bless you abundantly for your prayers and support!

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