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Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM)!

Thank you for visiting CTM Africa.  We are a non-profit Christian organization focused on transforming jungle village communities in Uganda “from the inside out”.

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Christ Transformation Ministries – Holistic Transformation!

… first with the good news of Jesus Christ to transform the heart, but also helping to meet other basic human needs – for clean water, improved shelters, clothing, and training for community development. We firmly believe, as the Bible declares, that as people seek first the Kingdom of God, all these things will be added to you”.  >> Learn more

eTeamGlobal, Calvary Phoenix, and CTM Partner in Transform Uganda Phase IV!

We are excited that pastors from Calvary Phoenix have participated with us in this year’s Tranform Uganda mission.

Transform Uganda IV,  our annual two week multi-faceted outreach to the villages of Uganda, took place August 2-14.  The focus of this outreach was to strengthen the 28 recent church plants, and train the leaders. In addition, we conducted the following ministries to the villages visited by the teams:

  • Jesus Film showings each night in the villages,
  • Evangelism to groups of men, women and youth
  • Training of pastors and church leaders
  • Daily medical clinics will be conducted

The Fruit of Transform Uganda IV was Amazing!

  • Our Medical team treated 2,171 souls, and of those, 59 received Christ.
  • The Village team ministered to 1,194 souls, and  281 men, women and children received Christ.
  • The Jesus Film was shown to a total of 950, and of those, 77 people received Christ.
  • We held four pastor’s and leader’s conferences – 268 attended sessions that were led by Pastor Bryan and Pastor Zach, and these pastors received much needed encouragement and teaching from our team

During the short two week period of Transform Uganda IV, a total of 417 received the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts, and were born again into the Kingdom of our Lord!  Praise the Lord!  For stories on how Transform Uganda is impacting the lives of hundreds of villages and dozens of pastors in Uganda, please visit our CTM Blog, and our CTM Facebook page.

Churches Planted by CTM in the Jungle Villages of Uganda

As of the start of April 2018, CTM had established through its missions over 150 Christ Transformation Centers in villages across the back country jungle of Uganda (click on image to enlarge and view some of these village church locations):

Map Church plants Uganda

The purpose of each Christ Transformation Center in each village is:

  • For village Christians to have a place of refuge
  • To unite all Christians for a common Kingdom goal.
  • To clearly define the ownership of the vision, mission and church facility.
  • To ensure sustainability.
  • To challenge the people to develop visions and missions that are big enough for God to be trusted.

Catch Our Vision and Partner With Us!

Through partnerships with AWaytoHelp, eTeamGlobal, Calvary Phoenix, COCIN, NLFA, as well as individuals just like you, CTM is transforming the lives of hundreds of men, women and children in the back country villages throughout Uganda.  We looking for strong Christian partners:  prayer partners, support partners and people who want to engage the enemy with us on Christ’s battlefield here in Uganda and Africa at large.

Please contact us if you would like get involved by participating Christ Transformation Ministriesin an upcoming mission.  If you would like to support CTM through a tax-deductible financial donation, please visit  >> Get involved.

May God bless you abundantly for your prayers and support!

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Transforming Africa through Jesus