Yes, You CAN Make a Difference!

Donate to Meet a Specific Need

Your Donation will be Routed Directly to CTM Africa to Meet any of the following needs you designate:

  • Help buy a cow, pig or water well for a Ugandan village.  Many villages are in need of clean water, and your donation can help us drill that well.  Or contribute to buying a pig, or a cow.
  • Provide Support for Monthly Trips to the villages. We urgently need to visit the new church plants – 28 of them – on a monthly basis.  Each daily trip costs about $500 to visit and minister to 2-3 churches per day.  Will you help?
  • Support a Pastor in one of the new local churches planted in 2016-2017.  Only $33 per month with help support a pastor and his/her family.
  • Medical supplies and support for the 28 new churches planted in Uganda these past two years!
  • Bicycles for church pastors in the new churches. Your gift of $75 will provide a study new bike to a village pastor.
  • Motor scooters to help service the larger local village churches. $900 will buy a sturdy scooter for the pastor of a larger village.
  • Bibles  for the believers in the newly planted churches.  Bibles are $10-$13 dollars – provide a set of bibles to new believers who have no bible at all!
  • Training Materials for the new village pastors. We hold classes and provide TEE Christian training materials for new pastors.  For $5 a set, you can provide training materials to pastors!

Donate Online (it’s easy!):

Use our secure PayPal account to donate online using your PayPal account, or simply your credit or debit card.  

  • You may pledge to make a recurring monthly donation of $10, 50, or $100, or make a one-time donation if that is your preference (if you don’t already have one, a PayPal account must be set up by you for recurring donations).
  • Enter in the PayPal comments section how you would like the donation used (for what purpose)
  • You will receive a receipt via email for tax purposes, and all of your donation will be used for the purpose of reaching and supporting the village churches of Uganda for Christ. We sincerely thank you for your support.
  • May our Lord richly bless you for your support!

To Make a One-time Donation to CTM:
Donate Button with Credit Cards

To Make a Recurring Donation:

Subscribe for a $10 monthly support donation to CTM:
Donate Button with Credit Cards

Subscribe for a $50 monthly support donation to CTM:
Donate Button with Credit Cards

Subscribe for a $100 monthly support donation to CTM: Donate Button with Credit Cards

… Or Donate by Check

  1. Make your check payable to “Christ Transformation Ministries”
  2. Note on the check  any specific needs you would like the funds to be applied to (education, medical needs, transportation…)
  3. We will see to it that your donation is routed directly to CTM in Uganda for supporting the ministry there!
  4. Mail your donation to our U.S. mailing address in Southern California:
  • Christ Transformation Ministries
  • 21292 Hillside Court
  • Lake Forest, CA  92630

All of our staff are engaged on a volunteer basis.  Your tax-deductible donation will be used to support the ministry of CTM in Africa – bringing Christ and holistic transformation to the back country churches and villages in Uganda.  May our Lord richly bless you for your contribution to His work!

Note: Christ Transformation Ministries is officially approved by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of California as a non-profit “public charity”, with the designation 501 (c)(3). As a result, your donation to the work of CTM is fully tax deductible. 


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